Real Estate

Real Estate

The Greek Real Estate Market is a very interesting choice for whoever is interested to invest in properties (any kind of them) even in the Greek Islands in a beautiful, sunny, European Country, with history, civilization but also with special possibilities and prospects.

  • Property prices in Greece are relatively low compared to other EU countries.
  • You can contact our offices in Athens, Piraeus or Thessaloniki to learn how we can assist you with your investments in Real Estate.

Type of properties

Investors need to consider their purchase carefully. Is it for investment and rental or lifestyle? There are many opportunities at the Greek market but location and property type is critical to the success of the investment.
Whether you are looking for an apartment next to the beach in South Athens for summer vacations for you and your family or a flat in the City Center to rent through Airbnb, there are investment opportunities for everyone.
We propose real estate investment opportunities through strong established relationships of an extensive network of partners ranging from real estate agents and developers to AirBnb Experts.


A vital criterion in the choice of the property is the location. Not only the general area and the choice among Athens, Thessaloniki or an island but furthermore in a neighborhood level. It is important to have professionals that they know the market and they will help you to choose the best one.

You must also consider that except from the location our experts will also help you with the condition of the property, the floor, age, access to amenities, the public transport, and the potential rental return rates and overall features of the property.

Earn Income - Rent your property

If you don’t plan on using your property for certain periods of time, you may be willing to rent it, an option that will produce a fundamental income to cover the maintenance and utility costs.

In 2017, it was the first year that it is registered the stabilization of the downward trend of the lease and market values, but simultaneously the formation of a new base of values in some areas and on some kinds of properties happened.

Today it is an opportunity for any investor to move fast, because buying a property, beyond the Golden Visa issuing it is also ensured a new source of income.


As an owner of property in Greece whether you choose to stay in Greece or not you are obliged to comply with your tax obligations.

Every taxpayer in Greece as a resident of Foreign Country that doesn’t have posting address in our country he/she is obliged to define tax representative with tax residence in Greece in which address any kind of mail in relation with the taxpayer will be sent.

We offer the possibility to cover all the range of those obligations.

Title transition and registration is easily controlled in Greece

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Contact our offices in Athens, Piraeus or Thessaloniki to learn how we can assist you for your investments in Real Estate.